Can You Estimate the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel? Only with a complete set of drawings and specifications. The cost varies a great deal between base cabinets with shelves vs. drawers throughout the cabinetry.  Is there a stainless steel hood or one housed in wood cabinetry ?

That being said, to get an idea of the cost of kitchen cabinetry, it’s reasonable to ballpark estimate the cost between $ 600 – $ 1,000 per running foot depending on the design and quality of the cabinetry.  It can be less if you purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot, but the quality is less.  And you pay more from a high end custom cabinet maker, but there is very little customization needed for cabinets typically installed on the Vineyard. The best fit is what is considered to be a semi-custom line of cabinets. They will customize for what is typically required on the Vineyard.

Remember, this is the cost for the cabinets, only.  They have to be installed and this is done on an hourly basis.  That price is typically around 20% of the cost of cabinets.  Then there is tile work, electrical and plumbing required as well as painting.  And finally, there are the counters.

Just some of the standard cabinet door styles offered at Rock Pond Kitchens

Sizes are entirely flexible to the 1/16″ and, should you want a fully customized door, we will produce drawings and fabricate samples for your approval. We offer dozens of standard finishes from clear or natural sealants to paints with glazes. Custom color matches for paint and stain are available.

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