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The Kitchen is the Heart of Your Martha’s Vineyard Home

Your kitchen is the most complex room in your home to build. A kitchen renovation requires 10 trades: Demolition, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electric, Sheetrock, Ceramic Tile or Stone, Cabinetry, Counter Tops and Painting. All with separate skill sets and businesses!

For life on Martha’s Vineyard, the Kitchen is where families spend the most time. It’s where a great deal of entertaining takes place. Ideally, it should have great natural light and access to the outside and if large enough it’s great to have soft seating i.e. upholstered chairs or a loveseat.

The majority of kitchens on the Vineyard have white cabinets with Shaker Style Doors. Some kitchens built on Martha’s Vineyard have a custom color or are made of natural wood – most typically cherry. We offer these alternate materials as well.

We Take Your Kitchen Renovation Budget Very Seriously

There’s no getting around it, kitchens are expensive. Very expensive. That’s why when you hire Rock Pond Kitchen & Bath as your kitchen designer, we take your kitchen renovation budget very seriously. There are always choices that drive the cost up or down. It’s our job to explain these to you. It’s our goal and commitment to balance the design and cost.  Read our article: Can You Estimate the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Beautiful kitchens are just the beginning, we also offer:  Bathroom Design and Custom Built-ins. Explore our kitchen and bathroom design blog for great ideas for designing and remodeling your Martha’s Vineyard home!

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Paul meticulously planned our kitchen renovation, always very responsive to our questions and concerns. He was involved in every step of the project, helping make decisions about the many details and adjustments our quirky old house needed. We love the result.

~ Alex Palmer ~

Services: Custom cabinet design & installation

Our Must-Read Kitchen Remodeling Articles

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Many people ask “Which should I get, Full Overlay or Flush Inset cabinets?” Here are the differences:  Full Overlay cabinets have the doors sit on top of the “box” of the cabinet.  Flush Inset doors are fitted within the frame of the cabinet. First, Full Overlay cabinets are typically 8-10% less expensive than Flush Inset.  [...]

Can You Estimate the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

Can You Estimate the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel? Only with a complete set of drawings and specifications. The cost varies a great deal between base cabinets with shelves vs. drawers throughout the cabinetry.  Is there a stainless steel hood or one housed in wood cabinetry ? That being said, to get an idea of [...]

Can You Estimate the Cost of Kitchen Counters?

Can You Estimate the Cost of Kitchen Counters? Yes. Stone counters (either synthetic or natural) should typically cost between $100-$150 per square foot.  Not per linear foot.  So it’s 2 square feet per linear foot of counter. Laminates should not be overlooked. They cost about 1/5 the cost of stone and if cost is very […]

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